Little Girl - The Remix

Play this song for your father daughter dance and other special occasions.


Little Girl is the THE perfect song for the father/daughter dance at a wedding reception, or any other daddy daughter special occasion!

A strong father/daughter bond is more precious than gold.

I wrote this song to make sure every father and daughter had the perfect song for the daddy/daughter dances they had throughout their lives!

I proudly present this song to both of you so that the short five minutes you share dancing and enjoying time with one another will create wonderful lasting memories!

When you purchase the song there is a short and easy to read Copyright Release and we ask that you read it as well as encourage your DJ to do the same. The basic rights you are purchasing is the right to use the song Little Girl – The ReMix for one event.

You are permitted to share a copy of the song with the couple/father/daughter and with the DJ or Sound Engineer at the event. You can use up to 30 seconds of the song’s high-quality audio in a video clip on social media. Longer clips are allowed to be shared on social media of the actual dance when recorded on a smart phone where the audio is not good enough quality for someone to steal the song for their own use.

I am an independent artist/songwriter. Everyone is entitled to compensation for their original art/music/services in order for them to be able to earn a living and continue creating. Please honor that.

So, here's everything you’ll get!

·       The original track of Little Girl – The Remix performed by E. Walter Smith featuring Tatiana McConnico.

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Little Girl by E. Walter Smith featuring Tatiana

Verse (Female)

  Daddy why do birds

Fly so high in the sky?

Why do the colors of the rainbow

Sometimes make me cry?  

Daddy when will I

Find my knight in shining armor?

Will he be strong just like you

And love me forever more?  

Daddy, come to my tea party

Teach me how to ride my bike

Daddy read a bedtime story

Teach me how to fly my kite  

Let me ride up on your shoulders

I want to touch the moon tonight

You will always be my hero

And I’ll always be your little girl  

Verse (Male)

Little princess you

Were only born yesterday

You were everything I hoped for

When I kneeled down to pray  

You stole my heart

Wrapped me around your little finger

An unconditional love

Of which words cannot say  

Little princess come to Daddy

Your shoe is untied

Let me hold you in my arms

I know the thunder makes you cry  

When you get a little older

I’m gonna buy you those pearls

But for now my little princess

You’ll always be my little girl    

Oh, dance with me Daddy

There’s magic in the air

See my new dress Daddy

I put perfume in my hair  

Little princess you’re so beautiful

Oh, the joy I feel inside

This is my proudest moment

I see the sparkle in your eyes, your eyes  

Musical interlude

Tempo slows  

Daddy don’t you cry

You’ll never know how much I need you

I’m the woman that I am ‘cuz of the love you gave  

Little princess

I Don’t know what else to say

I prayed to live to dance with you on your special day.  

I love you Daddy…

I love you Princess…  

I will always be your…

I will always be your…

(Both) Little Girl

  Little Girl

Lyrics by Eric W. Smith (ASCAP)

Music by Glen Perdew (ASCAP)

©2005 Smifhous Attic Music Publishing/Triangle Park Management, LLC

E Walter Smith

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Decatur, Ga. 30036

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